Together, We Can Make the World Safer by Bringing Human Traffickers to Justice

A Global Problem

There is a coordinated effort between traffickers across international borders. Therefore, there is a need for superior coordination between those combating trafficking across these same borders.

That is why DeliverFund Global is continuing our mission to eradicate human trafficking globally. Our team is prepared and ready to support the world in identifying and dismantling these criminal networks. 

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map of the world with arrows showing human trafficking movement

“This is a global fight requiring global cooperation.”

Human trafficking is a global problem that is largely powered by the US dollar to purchase victims all over the world. While DeliverFund’s mission began in the United States, we have established a team to address this global problem with a headquarters in Poland.

Human trafficking is a lucrative worldwide industry that earns billions of dollars. Millions of victims, many of whom are children, fall victim to exploitation and trafficking. In every community and country, criminal networks operate. 

What We Do

DeliverFund Global disrupts global human trafficking markets by combining uniquely qualified personnel with the best technologies and then leveraging them in new ways to reach and rescue victims of human trafficking. 

Historically, the prevailing approaches fell into two categories of anti-trafficking: education and awareness; and victim rescue and restoration services. While both are vital, they overlook a key component in the human trafficking market.

Human traffickers are constantly establishing new methods to target and exploit their victims. We use the same technology that human traffickers use to scale their businesses to tear down their networks. We equip, train, and advise our partners with advanced technology, effective processes, and our own technology platforms. 

If traffickers touch the internet, we will find them. 
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How We Do It

We support our partners through equipping, training, and advising the proper authorities to decrease the time and resources required to identify and arrest human traffickers. By doing so, victims of human trafficking can be rescued, and traffickers can be brought to justice. 


DeliverFund Global equips our partners with advanced technology and software that drastically reduces the time needed to identify potential victims of human trafficking and map out human trafficking networks. 


Our survivor-informed training programs teach on how to gather open-source information and on effective methods to disrupt criminal networks to not only speed up case development but provide more case evidence. 


We work with our partners to expedite investigations by providing reports that can be corroborated and used to identify human trafficking activity. We also assist our partners by providing information and analysis to help interdiction operations. In addition, we combine scholarly research into usable and citable data points. We partner with universities to conduct scholarly peer reviewed research to ensure the most accurate information are given to policy makers. 

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How You Can Help

DeliverFund Global is continuing our international mission by providing structured training, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, conducting research to raise awareness about the seriousness of this issue, collaborating with those fighting in these countries, and conducting everyday operational activities to ensure global communities remain safe.

This cannot be done without the generous contributions of our supporters. We need your support to ensure we can continue our global efforts.

Help us continue our international mission. Your donation will support our research team and training initiatives worldwide.