How Our Mission Began

Our founder, Nic McKinley, was an operative who served as a Country Chief for a Special Unit within the CIA. Nic witnessed the epidemic of child trafficking within illicit markets and realized the opportunity to apply his understanding and training to influence this global crisis. As Nic began to work with experts to understand the problem in the United States better, he found it impossible to turn a blind eye. As a result, DeliverFund was officially established as a 501c3 in October 2014, and a counter human trafficking organization focused on ending sex slavery began work. 

Fighting Evil on a Global Scale

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, DeliverFund was requested to provide coordination services to several organizations assessing and providing advice on human trafficking activities in Poland affecting Ukrainian refugees. DeliverFund was requested to provide these services due to its previous work in ambiguous situations with rapid changes. This was highlighted with the exfiltration of the Afghan Girls’ Soccer Team in September through November of 2021.  DeliverFund then shifted to the identification of human trafficking in Poland based on the need for support. As a result, DeliverFund Global developed and operationalized technology to assist in the disruption of human trafficking. There is a vital need for global cooperation to end the human trafficking problem around the world. A combination of this need and DeliverFund's ability to counter human trafficking led to the establishment of DeliverFund Global. Trafficking networks reach across international borders. For this reason, international cooperation is essential to ending human trafficking for good. 


Michael Fullilove, MPS

Chief of Operations

Michael Fullilove spent 20 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL, where he was responsible for conducting complex special operations. His focus was using an intelligence-led, network approach to countering illicit networks and violent extremist organizations. Mr. Fullilove has advised senior foreign government officials to scale their ability to address illicit network in their respective countries. Mr. Fullilove also worked as a consultant providing operations and intelligence strategy services to governments, community, and corporate clients.

As Chief of Operations for DeliverFund, Mr. Fullilove, has been responsible for developing public-private-partnerships to enhance law enforcement’s ability to use a data and intelligence-led model to counter human trafficking networks. Mr. Fullilove is co-author on several peer-reviewed journal papers discussing the use of information systems and technology to counter human trafficking networks in the United States.

Alisa Gbiorczyk, MA, CHTI, CITI

Head of Global Operations

Alisa Gbiorczyk, leads DeliverFund Global’s mission to provide the world with human trafficking research, training, and assistance. She emphasizes how technological advances have made it possible for criminals to exploit and enslave individuals around the world without being restricted by borders. As traffickers’ techniques continue to evolve, she conducts research on their evolving strategies and methods. Since geographical barriers do not exist online, international cooperation as well as communication are essential to effectively combat human trafficking. Using her voice, professional training, research background, and personal experience, Alisa strives to disrupt human trafficking networks around the world.

Throughout her career, Alisa has collected and analyzed high-quality data, identified victims and traffickers, researched the various aspects of human trafficking, mapped out criminal networks, and assisted authorities in their investigations. As a result of her master’s degree in international relations, she wishes to inform the public about the existence of human trafficking around the world. Furthermore, she believes that a global approach is necessary in order to eradicate modern slavery. By collaborating with global partners to eradicate human trafficking, she is driven by a desire to safeguard the population, protect the vulnerable, and bring criminals to justice.

Timea Nagy, MSM

Global Human Trafficking Expert

Timea Nagy, is an internationally recognized expert in human trafficking. Timea was born in Budapest, Hungary, and travelled to Canada when she was 20, answering an advertisement in the newspaper for temporary domestic work. Once Nagy arrived in Canada, she found herself in the center of human trafficking ring run by both Hungarians and Canadians, working in Toronto’s sex trade to pay off a debt to her traffickers that didn’t exist.

Following her escape from her traffickers, Timea has provided training to over 10,000 law enforcement officers globally and served as a commissioner to the United Nations as a member of the United Nations Financial Task Force against Modern Day Slavery and has been a council member for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. She is the Founder of TC Online Institute, which is the world’s first survivor-led Human trafficking Detection, Compliance and Risk Assessment Center.

Mariusz Gbiorczyk

Regional Development Officer

Mariusz Gbiorczyk has been involved in international relations for more than 20 years. During the early stages of his career, he was a member of the Organizational Office of the President of the Republic of Poland. He was responsible for the logistics, security, and planning of all presidential visits within Poland and abroad. As a Polish diplomat, he was the Chief of Diplomatic Protocol at the Embassy of Poland in the USA. He supervised the logistics of all visits by Polish dignitaries, including but not limited to the President, Prime Minister, members of the Parliament, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he was the point of contact between the Polish Embassy and the Department of State/Office of the Chief of Protocol of the United States.

Toward the end of his diplomatic career, he was Head of the Passport and Visa Department at the Consulate General of The Republic of Poland. He was selected to prepare the visit of the President of The Republic of Poland to Chicago, Illinois in May 2018. Mariusz is an expert at strategically identifying, devising, and implementing solutions in order to advance international relationships, protect global communities, and build strong relationships with foreign government officials.

As DeliverFund Global’s Regional Development Officer, he is now using his diplomatic and international affairs experience to combat human trafficking worldwide.


Afghan Girls Soccer Team Rescue

In 2021, DeliverFund successfully completed “Operation Soccer Balls.” The operation successfully evacuated “at-risk” members of the “FIFA Afghanistan National Women’s Youth Football” program and their families to the Portuguese Republic, where all 80 evacuees will be granted asylum. 

Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Over the course of 42 days, DeliverFund developed and operationalized technology to aid in the disruption of human trafficking and ensure the registration and accountability of orphans from Ukraine.

DeliverFund fielded a team of four personnel to assess on-the-ground situations which partially validated open-source reporting of human trafficking taking place at key border locations and transportation hubs in Poland and conduct research and intelligence collection into human trafficking networks in Europe and the exploitation of Ukrainian women and children since the Russian invasion. 

Training in Ukraine

In 2021, in partnership with the OSCE, DeliverFund had the opportunity to train law enforcement on our methodology and best practices in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Training in South Africa

DeliverFund has provided training to Law Enforcement and the Prosecuting Authority in South Africa. 


DeliverFund Global is continuing our international mission by providing structured training, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, conducting research to raise awareness about the seriousness of this issue, collaborating with those fighting in these countries, and conducting everyday operational activities to ensure global communities remain safe.

This cannot be done without the generous contributions of our supporters. We need your support to ensure we can continue our global efforts.

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