DeliverFund Joins INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking Expert Group (HTEG)

DALLAS, Texas (August 24, 2022) — DeliverFund, a leading nonprofit intelligence organization that leverages cutting-edge technology in the fight against global human trafficking, has been accepted into INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking Expert Group (HTEG). DeliverFund Global Operations team members Alisa Gbiorczyk, Michael Fullilove, and Timea Nagy join a knowledgeable group of professionals from 120 member countries fighting human trafficking worldwide.


Building on its counter-trafficking success in the U.S., DeliverFund began supporting the international fight against human trafficking within vulnerable populations. The group moved quickly to help evacuate the Afghan Girls’ Soccer Team last year in “Operation SoccerBalls,” followed by the group’s recent efforts in Europe during the Ukrainian refugee crisis. DeliverFund also provided training to South African and Ukrainian law enforcement personnel and prosecutors.

“DeliverFund is excited and grateful to be a part of INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking Expert Group,” said Alisa Gbiorczyk, Head of DeliverFund Global Operations. “Through our Global Operations Division, we look forward to collaborating and partnering with international authorities like INTERPOL to fight against human trafficking in all its forms, wherever it may exist.”

Traffickers use increasingly sophisticated and tailored methods to target and exploit vulnerable communities for a profit. With millions of children and adults trafficked daily across the globe, dismantling transnational Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) networks requires international cooperation and coordinated police efforts such as those employed by INTERPOL. 

DeliverFund will contribute to the HTEG’s purpose of exchanging information, intelligence, and strategies between law enforcement agencies among many nations. This includes developing best practices to improve international cooperation, identifying technologies to aid law enforcement, enhance police capacities, and act as a pool of experts for training to combat human trafficking. 

Contact the Head of DeliverFund Global Operations, Alisa Gbiorczyk, for more information by
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DeliverFund is a nonprofit organization established in the United States that leverages cutting-edge technology to fight against human trafficking. Our team of global operations experts, headquartered in Poland, continues our mission to eradicate human trafficking globally. We are partnering with law enforcement across the globe to identify and dismantle these criminal networks. Our Global Operations team takes the target-centric methodology used in counterterrorism overseas and applies the same methodology to human trafficking worldwide. For more information about DeliverFund’s global efforts go to

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