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There is a coordinated effort between traffickers across international borders. Therefore, there is a need for superior coordination between those combatting trafficking across these same borders.

Our Global Mission

Building on our domestic efforts, DeliverFund Global is joining forces with international entities to disrupt the vast trafficking networks that thrive in nearly every country around the world. DeliverFund Global is committed to bringing traffickers to justice and ensuring the rescue of victims across the globe by utilizing our high-level training and years of experience.

With your support our team will continue to provide structured training, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, conducting research to raise awareness about the seriousness of this issue, collaborating with those fighting in these countries, and conducting everyday operational activities to ensure global communities remain safe.

This cannot be done without the generous contribution of our supporters. We need your support to ensure we can continue our global efforts. 

In every community and country, criminal networks operate.

A human trafficker chases the demand. As a result, these criminal enterprises will continue to commit crimes in the areas where demand is the highest. According to the charts, the United States is one of the top countries in which buyers seek to pay for sex. Not only do human traffickers operate in the United States, but they also do so globally. It is essential that international collaboration is effective to eradicate human trafficking completely. Both global and national perspectives must be taken into consideration when addressing human trafficking. It is a lucrative worldwide industry that earns billions of dollars. Millions of victims, many of whom are children, fall victim to exploitation and trafficking. 

Your Donations Allow Our Team to:


DeliverFund Global equips our partners with advanced technology and software that drastically reduces the time needed to identify potential victims of human trafficking and map out human trafficking networks. 


Our survivor-informed training programs teach on how to gather open-source information and on effective methods to disrupt criminal networks to not only speed up case development but provide more case evidence. 


We work with our partners to expedite investigations by providing reports that can be corroborated and used to identify human trafficking activity. We also assist our partners by providing information and analysis to help interdiction operations. In addition, we combine scholarly research into usable and citable data points. We partner with universities to conduct scholarly peer reviewed research to ensure the most accurate information are given to policy makers. 

With your support, we can ensure the safety of not only the United States, but the world.

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